Kerra Recap

So now that it is July I will be going back to Kerra for a month before the August NaNo. Feeling weird about starting again because I got out of the rhythm but anyway here is the recap of the last 50 days.

Kerra is a twenty-one year old Hunter who spends her life doing jobs like tracking, deliveries and killing for money. Kerra has a secret, she can move water with her mind and is plagued by her lost memories. Kerra tries to go about her life normally.

She is requested to deliver a package by her only friend Scarlet. Along the way Kerra meets the handsome yet annoying Haden. After sleeping together he sees her use her water powers and leaves without a word. Also revealing that he is her rival Hunter, Phoenix.

Kerra is furious but continues on with her delivery. She is attacked by a tiger, but manages to kill it and also find a wolf pup who she befriends. His name is Sage.

Out of the forest Kerra delivers the package to the city healer,  Michen, a small piece of twisted metal which seems extremely valuable but she’s does know nor care why.

Kerra looks for a new job which leads her to meet Callum, a seventeen year old kid with a humorous side and a ton of money. Kerra agrees to let Callum tag along with her if he pays her by the day.

Callum’s curious nature frustrates Kerra and gets Callum in to trouble when he falls of a bridge into a raging river. Kerra dives in to save him, using her powers over water to push them to shore.

Kerra watches over Callum when he becomes ill and finds that he’s not all bad. Once he is well, he reveals he saw Kerra use her powers and wants to help her control them.

On the road, the pair encounter Arry and his Fire Storm warriors. They are Fire Mages, who can manipulated fire. Kerra’s instant dislike of them is obvious, they are nothing but bullies desguised as helpers.

Arriving in the next town Kerra realizes the Fire Storms have attacked the town and set fire to it. Callum convinces her to help save what’s left by using her powers.

A female monk, Chase, approaches them calling Kerra a “Water Mage”. She further explains her theory on the existence of other Mages other than fire and her search for them.

Kerra becomes more and more curious about her past since her dreams have become more intense. She agrees to go to a mountain top village where there have been rumors of a Air Mage.

On their way to the top Callum collapses and confesses to Kerra that the reason he has so much money is because his family is rich and he has been diagnosed with a fatal illness. He wanted to see the world before he died and thanks her for showing him.

Kerra makes him promise not to die and carries him you the mountain herself. They are taken in by the village’s doctor, who looks after Callum.
Kerra finds the Air Mage in the house too. He is a boy no older than thirteen and he is dying. Kerra tries to communicate and succeeds but the boy is too injured and dies.

Filled with grief for the boy and fear the same thing will happen to Callum, Kerra spends all his money on a magical ring that will prolong his life.

Kerr and Callum have a new bond of friendship now and make their way back down the mountain, until they are stopped by the Air Mages village. Kerra tells them what happened and they thank her for being with him as he passed by giving her a token, a piece of twisted metal.

Back in  town, Kerra finds out, through a letter, that Scarlet is dead. She makes all haste back to Scarlet’s tavern and finds a secret note explaining that Scarlet was murdered because of the metal piece and that Kerra must go back and find Michen.

Back in Cobble City, Kerra finds Mihen. Showing him the piece that the Air Mages gave her, leads Michen to task Kerra with finding out the truth about why they are so special.

On the road, Kerra, Callum and Sage are attacked by the Fire Storms. They killed Scarlet and they want the metal pieces. Kerra goes into a ragjng fury that sees her lose control of her powers and kill many Storms.

When she regains control, Kerra finds she has been captured along with Callum and Sage. They are tossed into a pit for tigers to eat, but Sage’s howls bring a Wolf attack that sends the Storms fleeing. Kerra reclaims the two metal pieces and in exchange for helping Sage, they agree to escort Kerra and Callum through forest to the next city.

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