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If you follow me on twitter than you’ll notice I tweeted about my Djinn series a few weeks ago. I had some things going on, but wasn’t ready to share them.

“Some serious things have been happening in my series lately. Announcements soon. ” – @lauracatherinep, 19th October

“Working on something related right now. Getting excited about this news ” – @lauracatherinep, 22th October

“1600 words written of a secret short story. Can’t tell you what the story is yet. ” – @lauracatherinep, 24th October

“The first draft of my short story is done! Ended closer to 15,000 words. Read through tomorrow and then off to Beta Readers. #wordcount” – @lauracatherinep, 29th October

Now I am ready to share.


There are a few exciting things happening to the Djinn Trilogy. The first of which is it’s no longer a trilogy. That’s right, after some rewriting of Book Two: Blooders, I realised that 3 books wasn’t enough to tell Kyra’s story.

Djinn will now consist of Four Books.

I am really excited about the way the story will pan out now and can’t wait to get stuck into the other books. I’m working on Blooders now, spending all my time on it because Kyra won’t stop entering my dreams.

I’ve been doing a lot of structure work and character work. Reading a lot of books on writing and honing my craft to make Blooders the best it can be.


My second announcement is that you don’t have to wait until Blooders is released to get you Kyra and Will fix. I have decided between books I will be releasing a short story from Will’s point of view.

There will be four short stories in the series. The first story is called: Will Power and is about the events leading up to the moment Will and Kyra met for the first time. I guess it’s a prequel of sorts. The other three stories will be released between the main books.

This means that the second short story: Will Choose, will also we released before Blooders.

The best part? Will Power will be a free ebook download. That’s right! FREE!

Will Power has been written and is with some beta readers. The talented Rebecca Berto of Berto Designs is doing the covers which I will share when it is done. A release date for Will Power and Will Choose will hopefully be announced in the next few weeks.

Are you excited? I know I am!

Don’t forget that you can read DJINN, the first book in the series, NOW. Available in ebook and paperback on many online sites.


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