Day 52: Drinking

I didn’t cry. I wouldn’t let myself be that vulnerable. I walked into Valley City with my head held high and a hole in my heart.

Valley City was a dive. It was the place where thieves and drunks roamed free. I glanced at men and woman stumbling, catching glimpses of hands slipping into pockets and stealing things.

“I need a drink,” I moaned.

“You know I’m under age,” Callum says, though I know he wouldn’t stop me after Sage leaving.

I sigh and look at him all red hair and freckles. “Come, on. I’ll buy you a drink.”

I enter the nearest pub, the scent of ale welcoming me. It was early afternoon and still the pub was packed with drunken patriots, all drinking themselves under the table.

There was only a few tables left as I scanned the room until my eyes are caught on the red uniforms of four Storm soldiers.

My blood boiled at the sight of them. I don’t even remember moving toward them until Callum called my name.


One of the Storms looked up at the sound of my name. He was dressed in red, but slightly different from the others. Then I saw his face.

“Haden,” I growled.

I move with swift precision. He raises from his seat about to say my name before I punch him square in the jaw. He falls to the ground, knocking over his chair.

I tense, waiting for the Storms to react but instead they break into laughter.

“What did you do this time, Haden?” one asks, wiping tear from his eyes.

“They don’t like it when you bed them and leave them,” says another, though I doubt he realises how true his statement is.

“You work for them!” I point an accusing finger. Images of Arry and tigers flash in my mind. Images of Sage. I shake my head. “You and Arry. I should have known you would be cruel. Well you can tell Arry he won’t be getting the piece back!”

I breath like I just ran a marathon. Haden and the Storms stare at me like I was crazy.

“Yo, Haden,” one says. “What’s this woman talking about Commander Arry?”

My chest tightens. They have no idea what I was talking about, which could only mean Arry was working outside of the other Storms.

They continue to stare and I don’t know what to do.

“I think she’s had too much to drink,” Haden says carefully, eying me.

Callum grabs my shoulders, smiling widely.

“Sorry about her,” he says, steering me away. “Like he said, too much to drink. Have a good night.”

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