Day 49: Wolves

The screams of Storm soldiers pained my ears. The blood chilling cries only worried me more because I couldn’t see what was happening. Callum, Sage and I backed into a corner of the pit, furthest away from the tigers, and stared up at the blue sky unable to see what was happening above.

Whatever was going on it had the tigers spooked too. They’re heads were straining to see what was going on. The sounds of ripping limbs, piercing screams and the occasional blood splatter was both enticing and scaring them.

“What the hell is going on?” I yell, as a severed arm holding a sword falls from above and lands with a splat at my feet.

Callum and I stare at the bloodied body part.

“Whatever it is,” Callum replies, “it’s not good.”

A shadow jumps clear across the length of the pit. The beast is nearly as tall as Callum, whatever it is. The quick glimpse of the creature causes Sage to howl uncontrollably.


“Sage!” I grab him by the stomach and pull him in close. “I don’t think that’s a good idea…”

The beast jumps down into the pit and I see it clearly for the first time. It’s a wolf, but not any normal wolf. It’s twice the size with shaggy gray fur dripping in blood. It stands between us and the tigers, teeth bared.

It stares at me and I realise I’m still holding Sage and the wolf might think I’m hurting him. I release my wolf pup and he cautiously pads forward.

“Sage,” I whisper. “Mind telling him we’re on your side?”

Sage yaps in small barks to the wolf, who continues to bare its teeth. I see the tiger’s in the corner of my eye, the alpha lunges at the wolf.

“Look out!” I shout. I pull the sword from the severed arm’s hand and strike at the tiger before it can attack the wolf. I cut its leg, but not bad enough to stop him. Fortunately the wolf is already reacting and tackles the tiger to the ground. The other two tigers dive into the fight and the wolf is horribly outnumbered.


The wolf calls and two more wolves jump into the pit. There is little room inside the pit now with three tigers and three giant wolves. A battle of claws and teeth break out as Callum and I hug the walls trying not to get involved. I turn to the pit wall.

“Callum, give me a boost,” I say and he does as instruct.

I grip the edge of the pit and pull myself up. Callum passes Sage to me and then I pull him up as well. The earth is soaked in blood. There is little green among the red. Storm soldiers lay across the ground in pieces. The wagon is smashed to splinters and wolves feed on the dead.

Callum throws up beside me. I might have too if my mind wasn’t so focused on finding Arry. It’s hard to tell soldier from soldier with the way their bodies are torn up, but I know he’s not among them. Arry is the kind of man who runs rather than fights.

Sage is sniffing the remains of a dead soldier who’s intestines are hanging out. I’m afraid he’ll start eating the bodies so I kneel beside him.

“We don’t eat people,” I tell him. He cocks his head at me. “Even if they threw us in a pit to be eaten by tigers.”

Sage sniffs again then looks away. I forgot he doesn’t eat raw meat anyway.


Sage pulls at my boot with mouth. I look down and see a small bag beside him, clutched in the dead soldier’s hand. I bend down and pry it from the dead grip.

“It that…” Callum begins.

“The metal pieces,” I finish. I open the bag and three pieces of ugly twisted metal fall into my palm.

“Arry must have lost it during th attack,” says Callum. “Wait, there are three pieces.”

“Arry must have already had one,” I realise.


Callum and I look from the metal in my hand to the five giant, blood soaked wolves baring down on us.


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