Challenging Myself

2014 is the year of writing for me. Some of you may already know this if you read my previous post about my plans for this year.

To help myself get back into writing as well as get in the habit of writing every day I’ve created a little challenge for myself.

I got this beauty from Kikki K the other day.


I’d seen it while looking for a new diary and instantly fell in love. Its a 365 page book with each page numbered .


Now this might seem like a dodge job at creating and diary but for me I saw the potential for a challenge.

My challenge is simple. You may recall that a few years ago I set myself a 365 day challenge where I was to write part of a continuing story for a whole year based around a prompt for each day. I made it to about 50 before giving up because it was taking a lot out of me to write an extra blog post everyday.

You might have guessed that my new challenge is similar to this. And it is pretty much the same concept. I plan to write a part of a story everyday for a year. The difference is that I only have one page to write on. Before I could write as much or little as I wanted. But this challenge I must fill the page. Also there won’t be any prompt, just continue on from the last.


I started on the 15th of Jan and I hope to finish that time next year with a whole story written.

I’ve worked on the basic story outline. Really the main characters and the overall problem. The rest will come as the days progress. I’m hoping to get further than 50 days this time and I hope that by writing every day, even one page, will be enough to get me in the habit of writing again.

I’m just proud to have written that first page. I hadn’t written anything in mind months while I was publishing Djinn. It felt so good to finally get back into it.

What do you think of my challenge? Have you set yourself something this year?

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5 Responses

  1. Diana S. says:

    What a wonderful idea! Good luck with your 2014 writing challenge. Now you’ve got me thinking 🙂

  2. aliveatnight says:

    This is a really good idea! I’m trying to crack down on my book, which I want to finish by the end of the year. Good luck with your goal!

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