The Guardians of Ivalice

Title: The Guardians Of Ivalice

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Age Group: Teen

Release Date: TBA



On Ivalice, Prince Morgan has been living in the shadow of his twin brother and older sister. She will be queen one day and inherit the power of Spirit to protect their world and guard the other elements from harm. Morgan wants the power for himself and nothing will stop him from getting what he wants, not even his family. With her dying breathe, Queen Tamsin sends the elements to another world where Morgan cannot have them.

On Earth, Nix, Grace, Kendra and Phoebe are four ordinary teenage girls living a normal life where homework and boys are their biggest problems. That is until they absorb some strange glowing balls of light into their bodies and start controlling the elements.

Everything is about to change for these girls when the weight of an entire world is put on their shoulders.

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