Book Review: The Third Door

I have to say I’d been waiting for this book for a while and was so surprised when I finally spotted it in a book store that it was called ‘The Third Door’ instead of ‘The Wooden Door’, which everyone had been calling it. I am really interested to know why Emily Rodda decided to call it The Third Door, but I couldn’t find anything on it.

The companions have faced the heart-stopping perils of the land behind the Golden Door, and the cold terrors that lurk behind the Silver Door as well. By a miracle, they have survived them both. But Weld is still under threat, and many questions remain to be answered. Rye knows what he has to do. One Door remains a mystery – the ancient wooden Door that he has been drawn to from the beginning. He is certain that the final chapter of his desperate quest is destined to happen behind that Door. All he has to do is dare to go through it.

Rye finally heads through the door he’s been waiting for and thus begins the end of the Three Doors Trilogy. I have to admit that at first I wasn’t really into the story, it didn’t appeal to me like the others had, but the more I read the more interesting it became. All the loose ends are tied up in this book and it is wonderful to watch as Rye works everything out. Who the enemy is, what the Lord of Shadows is up to, who to trust.

When I reached the end of this story it had fulfilled my every expectation and didn’t leave any unanswered questions. I loved how everything came together, looking back at the other two books you can see how everything fits and you have to congratulate Rodda on linking it all up.

I’m finding it hard to write this review because I don’t want to give anything away. The best parts were figuring out the truth with Rye and watching him and his friends battle the evil and save the day. I will say it’s the perfect ending to a great series, if you love Emily Rodda’s work than you won’t be let down by this book or series.

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