Book Review: The Golden Door

The Golden Door is Emily Rodda’s latest fantasy novel for children. It is the first in a trilogy series called “The Three Doors Trilogy”.

The story follows a young boy, Rye, from the city of Weld; a large city protected and trapped inside a great stone wall. When the city is attacked by flying creatures called Skimmers the Warden calls forth anyone of age to leave the city and find the source of the invading attacks. Rye is too young to go, but his brothers, Dirk and Sholto, are not. But soon Rye fears his brothers are in danger and chooses to go after them.

I went to see Emily Rodda at the writer’s festival this week where she talked about this brilliant new book. She told me that when she writes a story she has a main idea behind it. For example with Deltora Quest, she knew she wanted to write a story about a quest for something and the series evolved from there. With “The Three Doors Trilogy” Rodda spoke of her obsession with ‘choice’. She wanted to write a story that involved choosing between three things (as usually a choice is between three things), and this how The Golden Door came to be.

The story itself lives up to Deltora Quest and Rowan of Rin standards. The writing is stunning, with beautifully described images to entice the imagination. If you’ve read her other books, this one is everything you expect it to be and more. Rodda is an amazing writer; the adventure and mystery in this book drives you on, and you just can’t wait until the second installment: The Silver Door, is released.

All in all this book is well worth the read for children and even some adults like myself. Having read this has made me want to relive my childhood and read the Deltora Quest series again. So that is the next series on my reading list.

Update: Book two is out, The Silver Door, and you can read my review here.

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