Book Review: Outpost

Outpost is the heart-pumping second novel in Ann Aguirre’s Enclave series. Set after the eye-opening events of Enclave, Outpost continues the story of Deuce’s journey in the new world.

In the last book she had to face Freaks, Wolves and nature in order to survive with Fade, but things are different now, they have been taken in to a small town of survivors and Deuce is struggling with the mundane life of a normal girl. It doesn’t help that Fade is ignoring her and Stalker is more interested in trying to kiss her then honing their skills, but when the Freaks appear to be becoming smart and more organised Deuce sees that she is needed once more to fight for not only her life, but the life of the town she is beginning to love.

Now I loved Enclave. I loved Deuces character and the world she lived in and explored was beautifully worded. Outpost is no different, Deuce is the same person she was before with her head strong attitude and feeling she doesn’t yet understand. She is a believable and lovable character.

I’ve said this before in other reviews that I’m not a fan of love triangles, but here it doesn’t feel like a triangle. Sure two boys have the hots for Deuce, but her heart is meant for only one which is clear from the way she thinks and acts. I’m interested to see how the ‘triangle’ plays out in the third book as it is likely to be a major part of the story.

I have to say I did miss the action from the first book, don’t get me wrong there are lots of sneaking and fights, but I think I miss the atmosphere of the underground and the ruined cities. Outpost is all crops and the town, but this book is about the relationships which have you hooked from start to finish so I can’t complain too much.

Outpost is as good as Enclave and definite read from anyone looking for a Dystopian novel.

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