Book Review: Hollowland


Hollowland is the second Amanda Hocking book I’ve read so far and I loved this one more than Switched. it is also currently free on Amazon, so get on it straight away.

Set in a post apocalyptic world, Hollowland is the story of Remy King; an average teenage girl trekking through the wasteland that used to be America is search of her little brother who has been taken to a quarantined base. Remy  is accompanied by thirteen year old, Harlow; rockstar, Lazlo;  and doctor, Blue.

I love Remy’s character, she’s tough as nails; kick-ass zombie killer, who’s just trying to stay alive. She’s very cold and distant but you still love her because she’s only doing it to protect herself so she can keep fighting. The characters around her add to the drama and action. I couldn’t put this one down. Every turn has her in some new dangerous situation that just has you cheering her on, hoping she makes it to see her brother.

I have to say I do love zombie books, they’re always full of danger and action.  You’re always on the edge of your seat. Hollowland is no different. This book has everything you want from a zombie book: action, zombies, blood, guts, shooting, even a little romance. I was very excited to read the second in the series Hollowmen which is $2.99 on Amazon, but I read the reviews and a lot of people hated it.

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  1. darkjade68 says:

    Great Review, is that Download just for Kindle? or can you Download it on to your Computer do you know?


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