Book Review: Game of Thrones


I finally finished this book. It’s a long one and there are still five more books in the series that I have to read. I admit first off that I might be bias here because I love the tv show so much and season two is out this month, but I’ll stay calm.

This book I’ll admit can be confusing, sometimes I wonder if I’d really know what was going on if I hadn’t already seen the show. There are a lot of people, places, words, names all thrown at you in the first few chapters that I think it would be hard to keep up. But really this story is amazing. The way it’s written from so many points of view drives the story, taking you across the land from Winterfell, King’s Landing, The Wall and even across the ocean to the free lands.

Something will happen and suddenly it goes to another point of view and you have to wait to find out what happens next. You keep reading because you have to know what happens next and the only way to do that is to keep reading.

You can relate to all the characters and they each have their own personality, thoughts, feelings, and goals. This story is all connected. Action and reaction. Something one character does affects the others. I just love that.

I’ll admit now that at first I was reluctant to read the series because I thought it would be all politics and confusing, but once I gave it a chance it surprised me in a good way.

This book is well worth the read and the show is worth watching too. I’m so excited to read the rest of the books. I’m already started on book two: A Clash of Kings.

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  1. darkjade68 says:

    Yeah I love that Connecting Thing in the Show, how it goes from place to place, and like you say, everything effects everything else… I’d like to read the books at some point.

    Nice Review


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