Book Review: Eden


I found this Book, Eden by Keary Taylor, when Amazon recommended it to me based on other books it looked at. I downloaded the sample and read it. I was hooked right away.

It’s set in a post apcolyptic world (you may have noticed I like books like this, see Hollowland ) where most of the population has been taken over by nanities, becoming more machine than human. The few surviving humans are living in hiding from assimilation in a place they call Eden. The main character is Eve, a kick ass girl who will do anything to help the human race survive. This is her story of self discovery, secrets and love.

It’s written in first person from Eve’s point of view and her thoughts of the world are what drives you. She has no memory of her life before she came to Eden and things that are normal to us like school and celebrating turning 21 are only strange stories to her. The world before Eden is nothing but a myth to Eve.

I love Eve’s character, the way she perceives things and thinks are so different to other books I’ve read. Her character is childlike with the way she sees the world, but her survival instinct and leadership are far beyond her eighteen years.

The ending was really good and I really loved everything about this book. I find it impossible to fault. The story kept me hooked the entire time and you really feel for the characters. I also hear it’s becoming as film, excited for that. It was well worth the $4.83 I paid, in fact I think it is worth much more. Definitely one worth reading.

You can buy it on kindle or paperback from Amazon.

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