Book Review: Divergent


You can’t go into a bookstore at the moment or surf blogging sites without seeing this author: Veronica Roth. Her debut novel, Divergent, has hit the shelves and I for one couldn’t wait to read it. I plowed through the novel, devouring every word with an eagerness I haven’t felt in a long time. The moment I finished Divergent I went time The kindle store and bought The second in the series, Insurgent.

But let’s focus on the wonders of Divergent. I started the story with little idea of what the story was. I knew it was distopian, which I love, and that was enough for me.

The story follows, Beatrice, a sixteen year post girl who’s how world is about to change. There is this concept of the world being split into different factions, each priding themselves on some sort of value. Beatrice has a choice to make, stay with her family in a life she hates or join a new faction and be free. Of course she chooses to leave, because otherwise that would be boring. Beatrice joins the reckless, thrill seeking faction of Dauntless where she starts to discover a new look on life. But that’s not all. If choosing between your family and happiness wasn’t enough, Beatrice also finds out she is something called Divergent, which is dangerous and mysterious.

I love the characters in this story because so many if them aren’t normal archetypes, their different and this story takes so many twists and turns that you don’t see coming.

This book is heavy with real life issues, the most important being identity. Tris is in a constant struggle trying to work out who she is and what it truly means to be Divergent. Tris is an amazingly strong character who really pulls you in and you feel for her. You struggle along with her, sometimes you’re not even sure what she should do, you’re as confused as her.

There is of course romance and action, an array of emotions on offer. Divergent is simply an amazing book of fantasy that looks at societies flaws.

I’ll admit as Tris began to face her fears I too wanted to be brave like her and face my own. You know it’s a good book when it affects you personally, making you think, feel or act differently. Definitely an inspiring novel that I would read again and again.

Look out for my review of book two: Insurgent soon.

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  1. I love this series! I devoured Insurgent in like a day! It was fantastic!

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