Book Review: Clockwork Prince

Clockwork Prince is the second book in ‘The Infernal Devices’ series by Cassandra Clare. To make things complicated the series is sort of prequel to ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series which is also still being written, with its 5th installment due out May 8, 2012.

Anyway, Clockwork Prince sees our heroine, Tessa Gray, still confused about who she is; not a warlock, but has the power to shape-shift at will. Set in Victorian London, Tessa is facing a love triangle with broody Will, and sweet Jem. While confused by her feelings she must still find the Magister who wants to create an army of clockwork men and take over England’s Downworld where faeries, wolves, and vampires lie.

Might sound complicated if you haven’t read the first book, but trust me, I’ve been waiting for this book for ages. The stunning London setting, where woman are seen and not heard; the way Clare incorporates her Shadowhunter would into this is simply¬†intoxicating. The constant mysteries pile up all over the place, pulling you deeper into this magical and seductive world.

Who is Tessa really? Who are her parents? What cause Will to push everyone away? What is the Magister’s plan?

The list goes on, but I’ll try not to spoil it. The point is that this story pulls you; leads you by the hand around corners that you simply want to run around to find out what happens next. And the politics of woman’s rights to lead, to be a man’s equal, are strong. And like all Clare’s book, the ending excites you into frustration when you realise you have to wait until November 2012 for the third installment: ‘Clockwork Princess’.

Cassandra Clare is one of my favourite Urban Fantasy author and I will continue to buy her books as longs as she writes. Clockwork Prince is one of these books.

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