Book Review: Ascend

I’ve been getting ready for NaNo next month but the last book in Amanda Hocking’s Switched trilogy has been calling to me until I finally gave in.

Ascend only took me two days to read but it is by far my favourite of the trilogy. This book is the wrap up to Wendy’s epic adventure and her rise to be become Queen on Trylle.

Ascend takes place a few months after Torn and Wendy is growing into a fine Princess. This is the final showdown between Trylle and the Vittra and believe me it is an epic battle. I couldn’t put this book down. I had to know how it turned out.

We also get to find out who Wendy ends up with: Her first love, Finn; the feisty Vittra prince, Loki; or the husband she doesn’t love, Tove. I must say I’m not a great fan of love triangles, which seen to always be present in YA Paranormal Romances, but I didn’t mind this one. Wendy is such a good character that I really feel for her and the choices she has to make. In the end I agreed completely with who she picked and understood her reasons behind it

I like the characters more in Ascend a lot more. They have so much more depth since they first appeared in Switched. They’re grown, for the better, and I really care about what happens to them.

The story, like I said, is a gripping piece of writing that would have pulled me through if I wasn’t already running along side it. I read feverishly to make my way to the end.

I will say that I was reading the original ebook version and I have seen that recently released paper book version has additional chapters that were not previously on the ebook version.

I’d like to read the book version to see what the difference, I hope it is an improvement on the story, though I don’t know how you could really improve it more.

Reading this series has made me want to write my own YA Paranormal Romance. I really do love almost all of Amanda Hocking’s books. She is a wonderful author and I look forward to her next series.

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