An Explanation is Needed

12507524_10153631337124270_460622388490126869_nIt has been a long, long time since I’ve written a blog post on my website and probably even longer since I’ve worked on a novel. Since publishing Blooders at the end of 2015 a lot has happened in my life. I started a new job in child care that I love, which also meant I had to complete a Diploma in that field. So I’ve spent much of the first half of the year working and studying which really got me off track for writing.

I felt like writing had to take a back seat because I really needed to finish my Diploma so I could earn more money, but the longer I left my writing the more I forgot about it completely. I’d stopped posting on my blog, tweeting, and all other social media marketing I had once done for my books. I never checked how my books were selling. The only reminder of their existence was the emails I’d get each month telling me I had a royalty statement, which wasn’t a lot.

Will Survive - Laura CatherineFinally around mid-year I had finished my Diploma and handed everything in, but I soon realised that I had told everyone the next short story in the Djinn series was due to be released. I hadn’t finished it and to make things worse, I didn’t want to finish it. I’d spent so much energy and time on my Diploma and learning at work that I was drained. I didn’t want to write and the promise of a pay raise and steady work made me feel like I didn’t really need to write either.

Occasionally I’d have an idea that sparked my interest (I have such a great idea for a Post-Apocalyptic series that I know it going to be full of adventure and troubled character relationships) and I’d spend a week or two jotting down notes on characters and plot, but the spark would fizzle out by the time it came for me to actually do some writing.

So I continued through the next few months pretending like I didn’t have books to write, that there were more important things I had to do, but deep down I wanted to write, I wanted to publish new stories.

14330032_698643523634511_8728367384566211229_nThen in September I got engaged to my partner, Lyall. We’ve been together for 6 years. We live together and we have a beautiful cat named, Zuko. While amazing and one of the happiest moments of my life, it was another distraction. I went into full wedding planning crazy mode and booked a bunch of things for our wedding next year.

Then it was over. I didn’t have anything more to organise for the wedding, I had my Diploma, my pay rise, and work was great. Everything suddenly seemed a lot more simple.

Going through my emails one day I received one telling me that NaNoWriMo was coming up and I realised that this could be my chance to get back into my writing. I had previous planned out the whole plot for the third Djinn book, Bloodjinn, during one of my sparked weeks. I was ready to start writing it and NaNo could give me the push I needed to get started again.

For me, starting after not writing for a long time is the hardest part. Once I start the words flow easily, but staring at the blank page can drive me away.

nanowrimo_2016_webbadge_participant-180Last week I made the decision. I was going to complete this years NaNoWriMo by writing Bloodjinn. I was going to get myself back into marketing my books (another emailed pushed me to do this when The Book Enthusiast let me know about Black Friday sales in America and asked if I wanted to participate, which I have signed up for, so look out for Djinn and Blooders on sale next month). I also decided to revamp my website/ blog. I have literally just finished going through all my pages and updating them. I’m going to be updating the look of my website over the next few weeks as well with the help of my graphic designer friend.

I have a plan now and I hope that this plan rekindles my love of writing and lets me reconnect with my readers. I do apologise for disappearing without much of a trace. Life has ups and downs, not everything goes to plan and I’m of course only human. So I hope you can forgive me and give me a second chance to show you my worlds through my writing.

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