2015: The Year of Publishing

IMG_20150102_110732For me, 2014 was the year of travel. I spent 6 months overseas travelling across America, Europe and Egypt. I had the most amazing time with my partner, Lyall. Our adventures were inspiring and beautiful. I’m so glad and lucky to have the opportunity to experience that wonderful trip.

Now it’s 2015 and for me that means publishing. I didn’t publish anything last year because I was away, but I did write 2.5 books while on the road. I may not have been able to publish while travelling, but I wasn’t going to waste all the free time to write either.

I have goals for this year that I intend to complete and they all have to do with publishing and some writing in there too. The minimum goal is to publish at least four books this year and write two novels.

Will Power - Laura CatherineAs you know, Will Power, my short story and prequel to Djinn is being released on January 26th. So I’m already hitting the goals hard by releasing something new in the first month. Will Power is almost ready too; its been with my editor, I’ve got through her changes and I’m finalising it now. Will Power will be a FREE ebook download on all the usual platforms (ie. Kindle, Kobo, iTunes, B&N etc.)

The other three books I plan to release this year are a second Djinn short story, Will Choose; the much anticipated Djinn sequel, Blooders; and the first in a new Middle-Grade series called The Guardians of Ivalice.

I’ve been working on The Guardians of Ivalice over the last few weeks and I’m just getting all my feedback from Beta Readers now for more edits. Blooders is in rewrite stages after I made some major plot changes and decided to turn the trilogy into a quadtrilogy.

The other part of my year will be spent writing two new novels for publication next year. I’ll be working on the second in The Guardians of Ivalice series and a standalone novel currently being called, Blood Sisters which I am 1/3 through writing.

As you can see I have lots of big plans for 2015. I’ve never really worked on multiple projects before, but I’m actually enjoying it. It keeps me busy and mixes it up so I don’t become bored or frustrated working on the same novel for ages. I’m excited to be getting work out again and hope that people enjoy my new stuff as much as they enjoyed Djinn.

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